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Vets like you ask me this question all the time.

If a VSO or attorney is free, why would I want to subscribe to the Veterans Law Blog?

The VSO – or Veteran Service Organization representatives – are usually available to assist Veterans in navigating the VA Claims Process.

The best ones are like guides that can navigate you through the VA’s complex network of benefits and support – the best ones know the right people in the VA to talk to to get you the help you need.

But the best ones – they are few and far between.

Most VSOs are volunteers, helping out as best they can.

And I LOVE VSOs – even though I’ve had bad experiences with a couple – they are doing the Lord’s work when it comes to VA Claims.

Most get NO training, or those that do get trained in VA claims and other benefits usually get outdated material….many times, they don’t even realize that the training they just got made their jobs 20x harder.

So, with that said, there are several reasons that you might want to subscribe to the Veterans Law Blog – or use our VA Claims and Appeals training materials – even if you are working with a VSO.

Click on the image below to watch the video:

If you are on a tablet or mobile device and prefer to watch the video on YouTube, be sure to check out the DOZENS of videos on the Veterans Law Blog You Tube Channel.

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