With nearly 2 decades of combat – in 2 wars, and possibly more on the way – our Veterans are showing the strain of battle.

More and more Veterans return home not only with moral injuries, but with diagnoses of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The VA’s rules and regulations for PTSD claims are enough to drive a Veteran over the edge.

I want to help you make sense of it all in my Veterans Law Guidebook.

Right now, I’m talking to doctors, Veterans, VA raters and employees (Shhh..don’t tell their bosses!), and reviewing all of my Firm’s PTSD Claims and Appeals.

I am assembling everything I’ve learned about  in a single, definitive guide.

Here’s what I plan to teach you:

* What is PTSD and how is it caused

* PTSD and the 4 Pillars of a VA Claim.

* Lay and Medical Evidence needed in a PTSD Claim

* Common PTSD Claim Scenarios

* Common Veteran Errors in a PTSD Claim.

* Tips to Improve Your PTSD Claim.

* Getting Ready for a PTSD C&P Exam at the VA.

* Much, much more.

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