COMING SOON: Compensation and Pension Exam Field Manual


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The C&P Exam Field Manual

Tell me if this sounds like you: You have received a letter that your C&P Exam is in 3 weeks, and you are stressed out.

You’ve been told there is so much riding on the outcome of your C&P Exam.

You’ve been told  your claim depends on a favorable result.

You’ve been told  the Doctor doing the exam has the power to alter your future.

Hearing all these things, it is easy to attach a lot more “power” to the C&P Doctor than they really have in the process.

* What do you say to the doc?

* How do you argue your claim?

* How do we convince the C&P Examiner that yes, indeed, this incident happened in service and that we are disabled or physically and mentally limited because of it?

When we ask these questions, we start seeing the C&P Exam as the impenetrable tree-line in our claim, or the steep valley with walled cliffs that we cannot climb.

The C&P Exam Field Manual will help you get a better perspective on your C&P Exam.  I will teach you how to prepare, what to bring, and some do’s and don’ts about how to talk to your C&P Examiner.

What’s more…I’ll tell you what to do AFTER the C&P Exam to make sure that your VA claim keeps moving in the right direction.

This Field Manual is not yet ready for publication – but if you would like me to tell you when it is ready, tell me your name and email, below.