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Veterans Law Blog Periscope Up.

Veterans Law Blog Periscope Up.

While proof-reading a post the other day, the thought occurred to me that I should publish a “Law-a-Day” Desktop Calendar…you know, to help members of the BVA have ready access to key concepts of Veterans Law.

But that would run counter to the mission of the Veterans Law Blog – to help YOU, the Veteran, become more familiar with the practical use of Veterans Law.

In other words, I want to show YOU how to use the law, not the BVA how to properly apply it.

So, I’m going to test a new feature on the Veterans Law Blog.

The New Feature is called: “Veterans Law Blog Periscope Up”

Here’s how it will work:

1) Each day of the week at 2:30pm Central Time I will post a 1 sentence snippet of crucial or important Veterans Law. on The post will appear on the Veterans Law Blog Facebook Page

Sometimes it will be a holding of a key case. Maybe a reference to the US Code or the CFR. And sometimes, I will pick something from the M21-1MR.

2) Every Monday I will pick the most popular snippet – by adding the total likes, comments and shares.

3) The following Friday (time TBD), I’ll broadcast a 10 minute video explaining that rule of law – giving you some real practical advice on how and when to use it in your VA Claim or Appeal.

I will broadcast the session live on Periscope – where anyone that follows the Veterans Law Blog on Twitter will be able to follow along and ask me questions – LIVE.

Periscope is a live broadcast app owned by Twitter – the broadcasts will be announced on Twitter, but you will have to have Twitter and Periscope apps on your smartphone or desktop to watch the live broadcast.

After the broadcast, it will be available for 24 hours, and then only the Annual Premium Members of the Veterans Law Blog will be able to view the prior broadcasts.

Sounds a little complicated, right? Honestly, it sounds like Social Media on steroids. But I’ve talked to a couple tech savvy folks, and I think we can make this work – and it might be kind of fun.

We’ll give it a shot for a few weeks and see how it works.

I’m new to Periscope, and I’ve never really understood Twitter (at least not for a law firm), so it’s a learning curve for me too. If it isn’t popular, I won’t keep doing it.

But what I will keep doing is this: every day at 2:30pm (Central) for the next 365 days (through August 17, 2016), I will post a 1 sentence statement of key Veterans Law on the Veterans Law Blog Facebook Page

So, at the very least, make sure you are following the Veterans Law Blog over on Facebook.

And, here’s a sample video on a case that recently came out of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals regarding Agent Orange Korean DMZ effective dates…. .