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When should a Survivor of a Deceased Veteran apply for DIC? I’ll answer that question in a min
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  1. Jennifer

    What is your experience with people submitting VA form 21-4170 Statement of Marital Relationship in the process of trying to claim DIC?

    I was unaware that I might qualify for DIC until I spoke with someone at VBA earlier this week.

    • Chris Attig

      If you are filing for DIC – and I encourage you to do so ANYTIME that you believe that your husband (or wife’s) military service injuries were a “contributing factor” in their death – you MUST file VA Form 21-534.

      The form you reference is most commonly used, while the Veteran is living, to establish entitlement to higher rates of compensation due to the marriage of the Veteran.

      Here is a Resource page for Veteran Survivors filing DIC Claims (click on linked text), and read more about DIC – and don’t forget about Accrued Benefits, too!


  2. Chris Attig

    Patsy have you ever requested your husband’s claims file? If he had a claim pending for service-connection at his death, there might be some benefits you are entitled to. I strongly recommend you talk with an accredited Veterans Benefits Attorney – I don’t even care if its my Firm – contact any NOVA attorney to find out. –CA

  3. Patsy Chaffin

    My husband served in vietnam and found out he had type 2 diabetis about 12yrs ago. Air force 4 yrs His illness killed his heart , his eyes, and nerves. Also erection, he died Dec. 6 2010 because half his heart was dead. We had no insurance because of his illness applied for VA and was denied. I have since his death lost our home , his truck and have only social security to live on. Struggling from day to day.


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