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Cut through the Fog of your VA Voc Rehab Claim

Meet the guy I call the VA Voc Rehab Guru!

I’ve known Ben for probably about 7 years….when I first started writing the Veterans Law Blog, he was one of the few out there that was using the internet in the same ways, to reach and teach Veterans battling the VA.

Ben is not just a Veteran himself, but he lived through the ordeal of a VA Voc Rehab claim and appeal – the VA Voc Rehab program paid for law school, and provided some of the resources to start his own law firm battling the VA.

He then published a guide to teach what he learned about VA Voc Rehab to other Veterans: it’s called the VA Voc Rehab Survival Guide, and you can get a copy here.  It works…and I know this because it worked for Ben and for thousands of Veterans he’s shared this guide with over the years.

Ben is not just the “VA Voc Rehab guru”.  He is also an attorney. He’s done some groundbreaking investigative work against the VA, and helped to blow the whistle on the VA’s fraudulent and unlawful TBI exam tactics, which ultimately forced former VA Secretary Bob McDonald to provide equitable relief (the first time I can ever recall that being done in 10 years) to the Veterans the VA shafted.

When it comes to TBI Claims and Appeals, navigating your VA Voc Rehab claims, and suing the VA for medical malpractice, Ben Krause just might be your guy.

Where to find Ben Krause online: – Investigations into the VA’s inner workings.

Ben’s Vocational Rehabilitation Survival Guide

Vocational Rehab Facebook Group

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