1. Brenda

    My Dad passed away over 10 years ago, but we recently found out that he was exposed to/sprayed with Agent Orange in Florida near Eglin Air Force Base in the early to mid ’60s. I was born with a rare vascular defect that baffled military and private doctors for years. It has been a real uphill battle for me with this birth defect. I never would have thought that my Dad had been exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War or that it would have caused my birth defect, but I am not sure now. No one in my family has ANYTHING remotely like this. Does anyone know on this forum if this could be the case? Are there any accrued benefits in my particular case? My Dad was in the Army for 21 years, had a heart attack at 30 that the military did not discover until he was 40. They were able to go back to his flight physicals and see where the heart damage occurred, more than likely while he was fighting in Vietnam. Any words of advice?

    1. Chris Attig


      A lot of folks don’t know that there were several sites in the US where Agent Orange was tested – Florida, Maryland and a couple others come to mind.

      Any Veteran exposed to Agent Orange – either Boots on the Ground in the RVN, or during the Elgin AFB Tests in the late 1960s – should have basic eligibility for disability compensation.

      Whether there are accrued benefits in your dad’s case, or whether a birth defect like the one you describe can be service-connected, are questions you’re going to want to ask an attorney to look into, since we don’t give legal advice on the blog.

      Feel free to use our contact form, or if you want to interview other attorneys, be sure to download our free eBOOK to find out what to ask those attorneys: 8 Things that you Should Know before Hiring an Attorney in your VA Claim.


  2. Martha Maddox

    My name is Martha Maddox and my husband Jerry Mackey Jr. died on 6/12/13. I have been waiting compensation and haven getting the run arounds. Is there anything that can be done about this situation. I have been told that there are accrued benefits sitting there waiting on me also. I really need this money because I am homeless and have no car to gwet to my part time job

    1. Chris Attig

      We don’t give legal advice on the Veterans Law Blog – please use the “Request a Consultation” form on the side of every page on this website to submit your information to us if you’d like us to talk about your VA claim with you.



  3. Thanks for posting! I think the VA believes that every Vet is a malingerer. :)

    I don’t give legal advice on the blog; the blog is just a forum for an exchange of information about the VA procedures, changes in the VA, how the rules and regulations work, etc.

    If you want legal advice, I strongly recommend contacting an attorney.



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