1. Michael Read

    Have sleep apnea, AO esposed, ’65 in VN; being treated for mild PTSD for one & 1/2yrs.; claim denied; hearing aids supplied but disability denied;pre-diabetic; high blood pressure.

  2. Erin martinez

    I have sleep apnea and emphysema. I believe the two are connected. I cannot get the sleep apnea connected. My emphysema is connected. I have also had a stroke.

  3. Chuck Peterson

    I’m 50% connected with PTSD and currently have an appeal in for 100% on PTSD. I have sleep apnea diagnosed by the VA sleep study. Because of my PTSD meds and sleep apnea I have gained considerable weight as well as an underactive thyroid. My sleep apnea is worsened when I lie on my back and I still have loss of breath. I awake countless time at night due to this.

  4. kevin wilkins

    Has camp Lejeune exposures been linked to sleep apnea?

  5. Peter tebbetts

    I am service connected for chronic sinusitis with a 30% rating. I also have central and obstructive sleep apnea which has been denied service connection. I have tried to connect OSA secondary to chronic sinusitis which has also been denied. I have had cardiomegly X-rays while on active duty. I stated on my retirement physical that I sometimes have trouble sleeping at night. I was diagnosed with OSA 10 years after separation. I did not have a va physical until about 13 years after seperation from service. I am also service connected for chronic bronchitis with a rating of 0 %. Any advice on getting sleep apnea service connected?

    1. Chris Attig

      Of course, I don’t give legal advice on the Veterans Law Blog. No blog, and no eBook can substitute for legal advice from an accredited VA attorney.

      That said, the key here is making the connection from service to diagnosis. A couple things you mention are worth exploring:

      Damage to the nasal or breathing passages, like chronic sinusitis or bronchitis, can cause OSA. A medical opinion will be necessary to show these causative connection, and you will want to first service connect the sinusitis, and then argue that the OSA is secondary or argue that the OSA is secondary to the bronchitis. Medical opinions will be CRUCIAL, as these are not “NECESSARY” connections.

      Take a look at the Sleep Apnea eBook when it comes out – I think you will find a lot of informaiton that will help you understand better the many different paths and proofs for service connection of Sleep Apnea.


      Cardiomegaly – enlargement of the heart – makes me thing of a damage resulting from a chronic sleep apnea condition. Long term chronic sleep apnea can cuse the heart to work harder, thus causing it to enlarge. However, there are more causes of Cardiomegaly than sleep apnea, so you will want a doctor’s medical opinoino as to whether your Cardiomegaly is related to a chronic sleep breathing disorder, or has some other origin.


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