1. Kevin Murszewski


    I seperated back in ’96, I went home to NY and in ’97 completed and sent in my initial paperwork to the VA. Nice and simple nothing complicated just getting the process started. I never heard back on my initial application and forgot about it. In 2000 I moved to CO, in 2002 I decided perhaps I would have better luck resubmitting in CO so I did, filled out the application again and resubmitted it. Again same issue never heard back and forgot about it until recently, in the last two years I know I should approach the issue again but I am so fed up now with the process I don’t want to waste my time even though only something good should happen. It’s neither here nor there but my question is how many vets out there cant even access the system? How many vets just don’t continue because they don’t want to deal with a system that doesn’t work? I cant be the only one to have slipped through two cracks

    Thank you,

    1. Chris Attig

      Kevin, you raise a great point. By the numbers, there are 21 million Veterans (roughly) in the US. Only 3 million are service-connected disabled. Given the sheer number of Veterans that served in combat, and the dangerous nature of military work, I think that there are probably MILLIONS who either don’t know about the benefits they are entitled to, or who just gave up, as you say.

      That’s one of the things I hope this blog changes…we reach over 26,000 Veterans a month – on the blog, on social media, and by email. I know of several that have used the information to get a favorable decision on a claim that they previously gave up on.



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