1. jesus garcia

    I am from the Vietnam era. In the infantry.65-67. spend a one year tour in Vietnam. Begin claims since 2001. PTSD claim of 50%. My second claim of 60% on the prostate cancer and removed. Now, I have after effects, severe incontinence, visit the toilet within 45 min. to the hour throughout 24/7. VA only rated me 80% total. Denied the unemployability once so resubmitted it again. Almost a year ago.

  2. Antonio

    At my C&P exam the psychologist said I was, Total occupational and social impairment, Is at least as likely as not 50% or more unemployable and is at least as likely as not 50% or more probability that my PTSD has increased in intensity. What does this mean?

    1. Chris Attig

      Based on that quote alone, I can’t say for sure. But it sounds to me that you should be able to get a TDIU 100% rating – AND a rating higher than 50% for your PTSD.

      Are you getting that now? You might want to consider getting a lawyer or professional advocate to help make sure that they VA doesn’t short-change you on the effective dates and ratings.



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