1. teresa

    is this current as of 6/15/2015 a claim for various disabilities was sent to va, in addition to IU(individual unemployability).VA, addressed all but the IU.My attorney appealed.It has been 2 yrs since appealing, but finally a DRO was assigned to my appeal.Just received a letter for a hearing.Could this mean good, bad, or what.
    thanks for taking my question

    1. Chris Attig

      I think you should defer to what your attorney is telling you, and I don’t want to contradict what he or she is telling you.

      Having said that, I always get great movement on my clients’ cases from DRO hearings. Read this post to see the Many Ways to Win at a DRO Hearing.

      But we never wait 2 years for a DRO Hearing. We can typically get our DRO conferences scheduled in 6-9 months from the filing of the Notice of Disagreement.

      Just call the Station Hearing Coordinator at the VA Regional Office, and ask for a formal (in-person) DRO hearing or an informal (telephone) DRO Conference.



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